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Students are the future of our world, and they rightly expect the "teachers" to set a proper example for them to follow.  In reality, we're all both "learners" and "teachers".  We're learning right now how to become better stewards of our world, and hopefully teaching others how to do the same for themselves and for those that follow.

Student Housing is a perfect place to do as much "right" as possible in one place.  Living Environments can also be Learning Environments, Play Environments, and in some cases, even Working Environments.  By using a building system that is so healthy, safe, quiet, durable, clean, comfortable, and environmentally sustainable, we can give our students the kind of environments that will promote higher levels of learning achievements, better ways of life, and more. 

With the time, money, and energy savings that come from the Simplus Building System, we can give Universities and Housing Developers the kind of Value that is needed to encourage more of such sustainable developments while also helping to save the environment by significantly reducing emissions of CO2, methane, and other greenhouse gases.  Shortchanging the future is not an option.

Examples of Student Housing