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The world must end its use of fossil fuels for heating and cooling.  The burning of those fuels generates greenhouse gases that cause Climate Change and species extinctions.  But another big factor causing Climate Change is the fact that much of the world's buildings have been built very energy inefficiently.  They leak energy and air, and they cause more fossil fuels to be burned to replace that lost through the leaks.  Energy retrofits using the Simplus Retrofit Panels can reduce that leakage by up to 90%, which means a 90% decrease in the burning of fossil fuels and much lower energy usage and bills.

The Simplus Retrofit Panels can be a very reasonable and affordable solution since one has the option to perform the retrofitting on either the inside of the existing buildings or on the outside.  Where an updated exterior appearance is in order, an exterior solution may be the most effective.  Where the building's exterior appearance is desired to be kept intact for historic or other reasons, an interior retrofit solution is available.  Combined with improved windows, doors, and ventilation systems, nearly any building can change from being extremely wasteful to being hugely more energy efficient, more comfortable, healthier, safer, quieter, and a much more sustainable  way of living, working, learning, or even playing.  That's exactly what we all need and what the planet needs.

Examples of Energy Retrofit Projects