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Grouping people together can be problematic.  Noises, odors, vibrations, and inadequate personal spaces can be sources of conflict and problems.  Physical abuses of building surfaces are also too common, and a fire is one residence can affect many others.  The simplest and easiest way to avoid those problems is to use good design principles that reduce the opportunities for such problems to occur, and to use construction systems that intrinsically minimize such undesirable occurrences.

The Simplus Building System is the only design and building system that can address potential multi-family problems in the most practical and cost effective way.  The airtight nature of the building panels eliminates odor transmissions.  The superior density of the MgO sheeting used in the panels is naturally more sound resistive, and with sound structural and architectural designs, vibrations and intrusions on personal spaces can be mitigated.  The MgO materials are naturally strong and abuse-resistant, fire resistant, unaffected by water, and antifungal.  No other building system offers such benefits at such reasonable prices.

With the time savings obtained by using panels, huge amounts of labor and interest rate expenses can be saved.  The ease and simplicity offered by panels greatly reduces the chances for errors on the jobsite, construction inefficiencies, and exposure to weather conditions.  The high energy efficiencies mean greatly reduced energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions.  As a result, builders, developers, designers, and occupants can all rest more securely knowing that what the buildings created with the Simplus System will not only be better for everyone, but also for the planet.

Examples of Multi-Family Homes