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Conventional hotel construction methods vary, but nearly all are very energy inefficient and result in very large amounts of fossil fuels being burned, resulting in excessive costs and the generation of large amounts of greenhouse gases, the source of the Climate Change that is existentially threatening all life on earth.

The more energy efficient and sustainable way of building is to use the Simplus Building System that combines both Passive House technologies with those of panelization.  Not only can hotel owners benefit from the lower energy costs that come with an energy efficient building, they also can have their buildings built and cash flowing in approximately half the time (or less) than they'd see occurring with conventional construction.  Such means less costs overall, including that for construction financing, and guest rooms that are cleaner, healthier, quieter, and more comfortable than they'd otherwise have. 

Presenting the hotel to the public as a sustainable venue also means more support and visits from the public, happier guests, and both  longer and larger revenue streams.

Examples of Hotels