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Office buildings, warehouses, factories, retail, medical offices, and similar Commercial and Industrial buildings often have high daytime occupancy levels, and relatively lower nighttime occupancies.  As a result, the amount of energy consumed by Commercial and Industrial buildings is often less than that buildings that are occupied around the clock, but these Commercial and Industrial buildings are often very large and poorly insulated, resulting in huge thermal inefficiencies, excessive amounts of energy burning, and the resulting high levels of greenhouse gases and other pollution.

Through Passive House design sciences, the amount of energy used can be reduced down to only 10% of conventional construction.  Through panelization, the time and costs to build can be cut nearly in half.  With a combination of panels and Passive House technologies, such as with the Simplus Building System, both of those savings can be maximized and leveraged to benefit the developer, builder, users, and the environment.  There is not substitute for building efficiency, and such is one of the best ways there is to reverse Climate Change.

Examples of Commerical and Industrial Buildings