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Schools are some of the most important buildings that exist.  They are one of the most important and formative environments for our youth, which is the future our our world, and so it's critical that they have healthy, safe, comfortable, and positive school buildings.  Schools are also some of the most expensive buildings in most communities.  Making our schools from panels gives us the time and materials savings necessary to control costs, and Passive House design gives us the quality environments that our learners need to flourish.  Schools too can save up to 90% of the energy required by conventional construction and reduce greenhouses gases by the same amount.  Clearly, the Simplus System is a "natural" solution for schools.

 An example of the Time Savings that are possible is a 40-Classroom, 40,000 s.f. Charter School built in North Carolina that was completed, from groundbreaking to occupancy, in only 97-calendar days.  Another such school was completed in Florida and even survived Hurricane Irma as the only building in the area that didn't have structural damages.  However, those schools were done prior to the existence of the Simplus Method, and so today superior interior environments and energy savings are possible.

Even better, schools created with the Design Down Planning Process can produce greater learning achievements than traditional schools.  The Process can help create both more effective learning pedagogy and building spaces.  When used to its fullest potential, the Design Down Process can optimize students' learning achievements and greatly enhance their futures.

Examples of Educational Buildings